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 (bro͞o′bĕk), David Warren Known as "Dave." 1920-2012.
American jazz pianist and composer considered to be one of the foremost exponents of progressive jazz.


(Biography) Dave. 1920–2012, US modern jazz pianist and composer; formed his own quartet in 1951


(ˈbru bɛk)

David Warren (Dave), born 1920, U.S. jazz pianist and composer.
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The ensemble of talents also includes Sinfonia violinist Kate Kelley, performer and narrator Jamie Bernstein, award-winning soprano Julia Bullock, Grammy-nominated composer Chris Brubeck and Epic recording artist Morgan James.
Among the performers at the event from July 24 are British legend Chris Barber, Darius Brubeck, Digby Fairweather, Art Themen, Don Weller, and Anita Wardell as wel the festival's artistic director, Neil Yates.
BORN WALT Disney, US animator, 1901, above GEORGE Custer, American general, 1839 JOHN Jellicoe, British admiral, 1859 DIED NELSON Mandela, politician, 2013, above DAVE Brubeck, US jazz pianist, 2012 COLIN Wilson, English writer, 2013
The Harmony of Dave Brubeck, with CD, by Jack Reilly.
Marsalis says his most memorable Newport experience came in 2005 when he performed for the first time with pianist Dave Brubeck, who appeared at the festival more times than any other musician.
The Avakian portion of the archive contains correspondence and business papers documenting George Avakian's day-to-day work of signing and producing top recording artists such as Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Louis Armstrong, Bill Haley, and others.
Pat Sprakes has been a professional jazz guitarist for 20 years and has worked with some of the greats of the genre, from Tony Ko to Darius Brubeck.
This catchy song entitled Good Reviews is taken from a 1961 jazz musical created by jazz pianist Dave Brubeck and his wife Iola called The Real Ambassadors.
He's paid tribute to the music of Dave Brubeck, brought in the electronics for a project that grew out of jisei Japanese death poems, played in the quartet of Scottish saxophone master Bobby Wellins, and worked with New York radicals Tom Rainey and Drew Gress.
As it was, we had "met" Brubeck as a brilliant jazz musician only because we plugged in Guaraldi, due primarily to our love of the Peanuts holiday special, "A Charlie Brown Christmas.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Drug tablets; 2 William Morris; 3 Moleskin; 4 Venice; 5 The Dave Brubeck Quartet; 6 The okapi; 7 Cross-country (or Nordic) and Alpine; 8 The Ginza; 9 Misery Bear; 10 An unknown soldier from the First World War.
Dave Brubeck, an American giant in the field of jazz and classical music in the last half of the twentieth century, died of heart failure on Wednesday, 5 December 2012, one day short of his ninety-second birthday.