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n.1.A plant supposed to heal bruises, as the true daisy, the soapwort, and the comfrey.
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Also called the healing plant, miracle plant or bruisewort, it was introduced into North America by early settlers and now grows wild in the eastern part of the continent.
VERY LIKELY HAZARDOUS: Banned in other countries, FDA warning, or adverse effects in studies Comfrey (Symphytum Abnormal liver function FDA advised officinale, ass ear, or damage, often industry to remove black root, blackwort, irreversible; deaths from market in July bruisewort, consolidae reported.
blackwort, bruisewort, consolidae radix, consound, gum plant, healing herb, knitback, knitbone, salsify, slippery root, symphytum radix, wallwort) Androstenedione Increased cancer risk, FDA warned 23 (4-androstene-3, decrease in HDL cholesterol.