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 (brŭm′əl), George Bryan Known as "Beau Brummell." 1778-1840.
British dandy who popularized new men's fashions, including simply cut clothing, trousers rather than breeches, and elaborate neckwear. An inveterate gambler, he died in poverty in France.


(Biography) George Bryan, called Beau Brummell. 1778–1840, English dandy: leader of fashion in the Regency period


(ˈbrʌm əl)

George Bryan II, Beau Brummell.
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Noun1.Brummell - English dandy who was a fashion leader during the Regency (1778-1840)
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This attitude meshes with the change-enablement equation for success developed by Dixon Thayer and Craig Brummell (Figure 3).
William's extravagance became notorious as he hosted glittering parties for the Duke of Wellington, the Prince Regent, Beau Brummell and Lord Byron.
An individual can contribute to their evolution and enrichment for culture by creating a new cultural pattern like the Beau Brummell suit jacket, or for language by creating a neologism that catches on, or for technology with an invention or innovation like all of Steve Jobs' Apple products, or for science with a new scientific paradigm like Einstein's theory of relativity, or for economics with a new economic model, or for organization with a completely new form of organization.
Dr Pape then met with the British Ambassador, Paul Brummell, and the Romanian Minister of Health.
The official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding took place at the British Embassy in Bucharest hosted by the UK Ambassador, Paul Brummell.
O estilo do dandi Brummell foi assim definido pelo dandi Baudelaire:
London, October 16 ( ANI ): David Bowie has been named the best dressed Brit of all time by the BBC History Magazine, beating Elizabeth 1 and Beau Brummell.
The Regency Era (1811-20) was still fresh in her mind, a time when the corpulent Prince Regent drained the treasury to expand and refurbish his impossibly decadent Brighton Pavilion, and Beau Brummell became a national hero thanks to his genius for wearing clothes.
Barny Brummell, Business Development Manager at Hitec comments: “Increasing demands of statutory and regulatory legislation are proving a real challenge for the Insurance community.
Le dandysme et Marcel Proust, de Brummell au Baron de Charlus.
a shirt and a hat (pictures on Facebook at George Galloway MP and left), and felt quite the Beau Brummell.