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Noun1.Bruno Walter - German conductor (1876-1962)
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After winning the Debussy Piano Competition in San Francisco in 1946, he studied under the famous pianist Bruno Walter and embarked on a career as a soloist.
Perceptive conductor Bruno Walter used to say that "Mahler always sought after God, while Bruckner had found Him".
Perceptive conductor Bruno Walter used to say that "'Mahler always sought after God, while Bruckner had found Him.
His wife Alma, who was f***ing everybody who was coming by - Gropius, Kokoschka, Werfel, and Bruno Walter, among others - sent him to see Freud.
Among the visitors were Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss, conductor Bruno Walter and writers Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Thomas Mann (in 1905, Mann married one of the Pringsheim daughters).
At the same time the order of the chapters is sometimes counterintuitive to expected chronologies, which would have conductors like Erich Kleiber and Karl Bohm presented after such individuals as Bruno Walter or Richard Strauss.
He listened to recordings, read biographies and other books on conductors, and considered reviews of performances for his discussion, which begins with Wagner himself, then chronologically treats his pupils Hermann Levi, Felix Mottl, and Karl Muck, and Viennese, American, German, and Russian conductors Arthur Nikisch, Albert Coates, Gustav Mahler, Felix Weingartner, Bruno Walter, Arturo Toscanini, Artur Bodanzky, Wilhelm Furtwangler, Fritz Busch, Erich Kleiber, Hans Knappertsbusch, Clemens Krauss, Karl Bohm, Richard Strauss, Otto Klemperer, and Fritz Reiner.
His grandfather was a prominent Viennese musician and artist and a member of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, serving as concertmaster under Gustav Mahler, Bruno Walter, and Felix von Weingartner.
Within days, Bruno Walter and several of the leading members of the orchestra had fled from Vienna at the approach of the Nazis.
Bruno Walter once said that Mahler was looking for God all his life but did not find Him.
Au 1st Symphony (first performed 1889): Bruno Walter, the composerAAEs closest colleague, heard the work young but mellowed too much on record.