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 (yā′tōst′, yĕ′-, jā′-)
A golden-brown whey-based cheese traditionally made with goat's milk and having a buttery consistency and a sweet flavor.

[Obsolete Norwegian : gjet, obsolete variant of Norwegian geit, goat (from Old Norse geit; akin to Old English gāt, goat, and Latin haedus, kid) + Norwegian ost, cheese (from Old Norse ostr; akin to Latin iūs, broth, juice, and Greek zūmē, leaven).]


(Cookery) a Norwegian goat's milk cheese
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No whey, kids Education bosses in a Norwegian town have barred a sweet brown cheese called brunost, made of the whey of goat's milk, sugar and chocolate, from being served in nurseries.
These dense, eggy, mildly sweet waffles are cooked in an eight-inch diameter iron that presses them into four interconnected hearts, and they're typically served with jam and creme fraiche (a kind of sour cream) or brunost (brown cheese).
The smooth chocolate-flavored cheese available from Haram-Christensen joins the traditional Norwegian Brunost goat's milk cheese, along with the Notte-Brun variety with added nuts and honey.