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n.1.Same as Brun, a brook.
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April 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Liberstead Publishing has launched the Indie novel Liberty Awash by author JW Bruns.
William Bruns has been selected to be the NCUA's next deputy inspector general.
Aly Bruns, a senior from Eugene, was one of four Beacon women on the CCC team,.
Le kamikaze a "un visage blanc, des yeux clairs, des cheveux bruns tres epais.
Authors Bruns, Evans, and Fuque are economists working in the World Bank's Latin America and Caribbean Region.
Three Australians that have found their way to Latvia for different reasons and opted to weather out the current financial gloom are Martin Quinn, Uldis Bruns and Frank Carey.
He says that quarterbacks lead their team to victory and call the plays and everything, and that I need to do that more," said Bruns, whose vocal tone and pitch nearly require a dolphin interpreter (they can hear approximately 14 times better than humans).
It was 1973 when writer Bill Bruns met tennis teacher Vic Braden.
Bruns said, "We will miss Bill Wilson's valued participation in Giga-tronics and certainly wish him the very best in his retirement.
5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Gibbs & Bruns LLP announced today that its clients have issued instructions to US Bank and HSBC, as Trustees, to open investigations of ineligible mortgages in pools securing over $19 billion of Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS) issued by various affiliates of Wells Fargo.
Bruns spent a month interviewing law enforcement, firefighting, emergency medical, public works, public health and hospital officials throughout the county to find out where glitches might occur if they suddenly had to come together to respond to a terrorist disaster.
An Ethernet- and IP-based access network is the best solution for companies like VTC who want to re-build to be able to deploy new services," said Chanse Bruns, network manager for VTC.