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 (brĭth′ən, -ŏn′)
1. An ancient Celtic Briton. No longer in scholarly use.
2. A member of a Brittonic-speaking people. No longer in scholarly use.

[Welsh, from Latin Brittonēs, Britons; see Briton.]


(Peoples) a Celt who speaks a Brythonic language. Compare Goidel
[C19: from Welsh; see Briton]
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With the score-line secure, Welshman Brython Preece was awarded some well-deserved icetime in place of Kevin Nastiuk in the Blaze net for the final nine minutes.
Bands playing on the main stage on Saturday included Y Niwl, Yws Gwynedd, Geraint Jarman, Alys Williams, Brython Shag, Argrph and Aled Rheon.
Police launched an appeal for information on March 6 after two reports were received of a lone woman being approached on a path which runs parallel with Brython Drive.
deallaf fod y Tywysydd yn gylchgrawn a gyhoeddwyd gan Wasg y Brython, Lerpwl ar ran yr Annibynwyr.
AT sun drenched Ayr, Middleham handler Tommy Fairhurst's Brython (C Eccleston) sticks to his guns to land the Tennent Trophy by half a length and the same from Tracey Anne (A Horrocks) and Maginot Line (A Russell).
With Welsh goalie Brython Preece replacing Canadian Kevin Nastiuk for the final twenty minutes in the Blaze net, captain Jordan Pietrus broke the Mike Clemente shut-out at the other end on the powerplay (44.
Capping a great night will be a performance by local group Brython Shag.
Iwan Parry, of Brython Archaeology, said: "This is a fantastic find of national importance.
45pm on Saturday, a woman was jogging on a path which runs parallel with Brython Drive, in St Mellons, Cardiff, when she was grabbed by an unknown man.
Bu'n gweld bai ar y beirniad Berw a J T Job fwy nag unwaith, ond yn enwedig yn Eisteddfod Caernarfon 1911, gan alw'r ail wer bonheddig yn 'erratic' mewn llythyr i'r Brython.
Fairhurst, who nominates Ayr as his favourite racecourse, took out a trainers' licence in 1969 and his early successes came from Brython, who won the last running of the Liverpool Spring Cup as well as the Manchester Cup and the Tennent Trophy.
As per the night before, the third period belonged to the home side who hit three more unanswered as Brython Preece replaced Kevin Nastiuk for the final 12 minutes.