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ink·jet printer

A printer that forms an image by using electromagnetic fields to guide electrically charged ink streams onto the page.
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Flexibility and portability are the two words that come to mind with Canon's i80 color Bubble Jet printer.
In addition to introducing the first Bubble Jet printer in the market, Canon developed the first desktop Laser Beam printer.
Ohta was previously Advisory Director and Deputy Chief Executive of Bubble Jet Operations at Canon Inc.
Separately, Canon Computer Systems said for a $99 fee it will offer Adobe PostScript on its line of 200, 400 and 600 series color Bubble Jet printers.
announced the release of compatible ink cartridges for the Canon BJC-4000/4100 Bubble Jet Color printers.
This was most richly apparent not in the smaller, rather standard C-prints, slick as K-Y, or color Xeroxes, but in his sumptuous bubble jet prints.
Another alternative he suggests is the bubble jet printer, with quality that falls between that of the laser and the dot matrix.
If you expect crisp, bright images from your color printer, look no further than the Canon S500 Color Bubble Jet Printer with the company's Microfine Droplet technology.
For example, the recently introduced BJC-6000 color bubble jet printer offers the most sought-after features for business and personal printing.
Industry Pioneer and Leader of Color Bubble Jet Technology Introduces
has unveiled a new line of color Bubble Jet printers: the BJC-240, BJC-4200, BJC-620 and the Macintosh and Windows-compatible BJC-4550.