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(German ˈbuːxnər)
(Biography) Eduard (ˈeːduart). 1860–1917, German chemist who demonstrated that alcoholic fermentation is due to enzymes in the yeast: Nobel prize for chemistry 1907


(German ˈbyːçnər)
(Biography) Georg (ˈɡeːɔrk). 1813–37, German dramatist; regarded as a forerunner of the Expressionists: author of Danton's Death (1835) and Woyzeck (1837)


(ˈbüx nɛr, ˈbʊk nər)
Georg, 1813–37, German playwright.
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Noun1.Buchner - German organic chemist who studied alcoholic fermentation and discovered zymase (1860-1917)
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Wilhelm Buchner University of Applied Sciences is holding information sessions for prospective students regarding its English-language master's degrees: MSc in Technology and Innovation Management and MBA in Engineering Management.
Contractor name : BUCHNER BRE[pounds sterling]NDLER AG
Two weeks out from the international climate negotiations in Paris, our analysis demonstrates that countries around the world are investing to drive their own economic growth and development," Barbara Buchner, senior director of the CPI and lead author of the study, said in a statement.
Campbell AJ, Robertson MC, Gardner MM, Norton RN, Tilyard MW and Buchner DM (1997): Randomised controlled trial of a general practice programme of home based exercise to prevent falls in elderly women.
Buchner said: "It is rich in nickel, it is rich in cobalt.
Flights can be checked and claimed for up to three years retrospectively, explains Eve Buchner, the CEO of refund.
Flights can be checked and claimed for up to 3 years retrospectively," explains Eve Buchner, the CEO of refund.
The statue was chiseled from a fragment of the Chinga meteorite which crashed into the border areas between Mongolia and Siberia about 15,000 years ago," explains Elmer Buchner of Germany's Stuttgart University.
The fact that the public policies and incentives are starting to unlock private investment is good news for policymakers dealing with limited budgets," said Barbara Buchner, Director, CPI Europe, and one of the principal authors of the report.
Lois is predeceased by two sisters and a brother: Barbara Doherty Buchner, June Hopper and Floyd Woodcock.
national and international awards, including the Georg Buchner Prize
It is this trigger mechanism that the team headed by Buchner and Weinkauf uncovered now.