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(ˈbʌkɪŋəmˌʃɪə; -ʃə)
(Placename) a county in SE central England, containing the Vale of Aylesbury and parts of the Chiltern Hills: the geographic and ceremonial county includes Milton Keynes, which became an independent unitary authority in 1997. Administrative centre: Aylesbury. Pop (excluding Milton Keynes): 478 000 (2003 est). Area (excluding Milton Keynes): 1568 sq km (605 sq miles). Abbreviation: Bucks


(ˈbʌk ɪŋ əmˌʃɪər, -ʃər)

a county in S England. 640,200; 294 sq. mi. (761 sq. km). Also called Buckingham, Bucks.
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This is a notice for social and specific services in accordance with directive 2014/24/eu article 74 buckinghamshire county council wishes to commission a buckinghamshire wide children and young people substance misuse support service.
Noel Brown, Buckinghamshire County Council Cabinet Member for Community Engagement, said: "An early alert from family or watchful neighbours is just what we need to give our team valuable time to catch these criminals.
Navigator Made in 1923 by Fowler of Leeds, The Navigator was used as a road roller, first for Buckinghamshire County Council then Norwich City Council.
The toddler had been living with her mother but had been taken into care by social services staff at Buckinghamshire County Council last year after her mother was accused of neglect.
Newcastle and Buckinghamshire County Council will share the money from mobile firm O2's Local Government Digital Fund after being chosen from 120 local authorities that submitted ideas to improve things in their local communities.
It's not possible really to assess it in the time we have been given," Marcus Rogers, a planner advising Buckinghamshire County Council, told the Guardian.
This week it was revealed that a group of 18 local authorities, led by Buckinghamshire County Council, have spent PS1 million of taxpayers' money campaigning against HS2, taking costly court action against government.
Eventually, I was able to explain that I had a travel pass from Buckinghamshire County Council.
The biggest sums were spent by Buckinghamshire County Council (pounds 500,000), Hillingdon Council, in West London (pounds 200,000), and Chiltern Council (pounds 125,000).
Transport for Buckinghamshire is a partnership between Buckinghamshire County Council and highway infrastructure services provider Ringway Jacobs.