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 (bŭk′lē), William Frank, Jr. 1925-2008.
American writer and editor who founded the conservative magazine National Review (1955).


(ˈbʌk li)
William F., Jr., born 1925, U.S. writer and editor.
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But 34-year-old Brummie Buckley, quiet, likeable and thoroughly unassuming, is used to it because he's been fighting all his life - opponents, fate, trouble .
We usually have an easy time keeping our client's information security officers happy because we take a no-compromise approach to information security and we've done our homework," said Buckley.
Buckley dedicated the fight to his brother John who died suddenly a fortnight ago and stressed he had no plans to retire.
Welcome to the 'world headquarters" of Villa Nolasco USA, an importing business founded last year by consultant Buckley and businessman Jim Polsfut.
Though Buckley has a good eye for pulling witty and trenchant observations from celebrated critics such as Jon Savage, this technique only serves to underscore the relative plainness of Buckley's own writing.
But that of course would have required Buckley to write another book altogether, and he is nothing if not fastidious in cleaving to his stated subject.
Washington Post Brazil correspondent Stephen Buckley returns to his Florida roots, becoming national correspondent at the St.
Reviewing portfolios is almost a constant agenda item for me," says Mark Buckley, vice president and creative director at Osborn & Barr Communications Inc.
Buckley made a number of important contributions to her field including being named as one of the three inventors of a diagnostic test for cancer.
Writing for the unanimous court, Senior Circuit Judge James Buckley found that "the revocation of the Church's tax-exempt status neither violated the Constitution nor exceeded the IRS's statutory authority.
Michael Buckley, who will rule from London on public complaints against Scotland's new democracy, played a leading role in a scandal featuring what an MP called "the worst complaint of maladministration by a Government department".
Although Buckley judged this as unusual behavior indeed, he knew his observation was not unique.