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Noun1.Buckminster Fuller - United States architect who invented the geodesic dome (1895-1983)Buckminster Fuller - United States architect who invented the geodesic dome (1895-1983)
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Born in Milton, MA, in 1895, Richard Buckminster Fuller belonged to a family noted for producing strong individualists inclined toward activism and public service.
The pioneers include Buckminster Fuller, whose starting point was an idea that already seems old-fashioned: the techno-utopia.
Buckminster Fuller on Education (University of Massachusetts Press, 1979), p.
The name is a reference to the late American systems theorist Buckminster Fuller, as the molecule's structure resembles his trademark geodesic domes.
The haunting title track from the latest EP Spirit Walks was one of the new songs she mixed into the set alongside more established tunes like Put Your Hands Up, Buckminster Fuller and a moving performance of her song about British troops History Boys, which took on extra poignancy given the concert's calendar proximity to Remembrance Sunday.
In America Richard Buckminster Fuller (1981-1895), followed by studies about how to connect a number of globes to each other, he found an octagon truss system.
This quote from architect Buckminster Fuller is a favorite of Andrew Hewitt, creator of GameChangers500, which champions the world's top purpose-driven companies.
Architects Buckminster Fuller have anticipated the quality control offered by building in an indoor, controlled factory setting, she said.
Buckminster Fuller designed as an answer to wartime housing needs.
Blending Western and Indian approaches, this guide for organizational development consultants presents an action-researched organizational design paradigm built on the concept of Tensegrity, which was first developed by Buckminster Fuller.
Lindemann continued: "The White Sky iHouse follows the tradition of Buckminster Fuller and Oskar Niemeyer.
Although he died 30 years ago, many people still remember Buckminster Fuller (he preferred to be called Bucky) as an American architect, inventor, genius, writer, car designer and dreamer who was kicked out of Harvard twice and coined the “Spaceship Earth” notion.