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 (bŭk′ē-to͞ob′, -tyo͞ob′)
A fullerene nanotube.

[Shortening and alteration of buckminsterfullerene + tube.]


(Elements & Compounds) informal a tube of carbon atoms structurally similar to buckminsterfullerene
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Buckytube matrixless and composite structures and spacecraft components
He was much excited, then, by the addition of the buckytube (a single-walled carbon pipe, also called a "nanotube") to the ranks of fullerenes.
A year ago, stuffing a buckytube with atoms to make an ultrathin wire seemed a highly speculative proposition.
Pasadena, Texas has been selected as the site location to build a full-scale buckytube (single wall carbon nanotube) (SWNT) plant for Carbon Nanotechnologies, Incorporated (CNI) (Houston, Texas).
CNI is currently producing both Buckytube and BuckyPearl single-wall carbon nanotubes in a pilot plant at the company's headquarters in Houston.
Our CNI Buckytubes, ESD conductive polymer grades are designed to impart electrostatic-discharge conductivity to polymer compounds using traditional melt processing equipment.