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An even later poem that echoes the title of this one is "Ohioan Pastoral" (This Journey), a text that is a far cry from the unadulterated bucolic poetry of bygone times: Wright engages here in a kind of industrial pastoralism in which even the eyesores of the world are aestheticized in a kind of post-ecological gesture of acceptance of pollution and spoliation.
In fact, the only hardship she observes in classical bucolic poetry is that about the difficulties of poetic creation.
233-246, wisdom performance on the Athenian stage, the ambiguous legacy of Black Athena, measured speech in Plato's Phaidros, Artemis and the origins of bucolic poetry, Roman cultural identity in Cicero's Pro Archia, ancient Greek authors in Byzantium as exemplified by the homilies of the Emperor Leo VI, and adventures of a femme fatale in Byzantine Constantinople and modern Athens.