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(Placename) a variant spelling of Bukovina


or Bu•ko•vi•na

(ˌbu kəˈvi nə)

a region in E central Europe, formerly a district in N Romania: now divided between Romania and Ukraine. 4031 sq. mi. (10,440 sq. km).
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18) En Transilvania y Bucovina muchas de estas formas comunales fueron el resultado del desmantelamiento de la frontera del Imperio Austro-hungaro.
Zanne IA (1895-1903) Proverbele romanilor din Romania, Basarabia, Bucovina, Ungaria, Istria si Macedonia: proverbe, dicetori, povatuiri, cuvinte adevarate, asemanari, idiotisme si cimilituri, cu un Glosar romano-frances, 10 vols.
Such a position was adopted after the Great Union from 1918, by the courts from Bessarabia and Bucovina, which included very rapidly, in their practice, the control of constitutionality (Criste, 2002: 68).
Fueron pronunciadas de hecho por Paul Celan, el mas importante poeta en lengua alemana del siglo XX, nacido en mi cosmopolita Bucovina, que se suicido durante su exilio en Paris.
Averigue que la comarca que indicaba se encontraba en el extremo del pais, justo en el limite de tres estados: Transilvania, Moldavia y Bucovina, en mitad de los Carpatos, y que es una de las regiones de Europa mas remotas y menos conocidas .
The festival, under the name The Traditional Romanian Embroidered Blouse IE, will begin with a presentation by representatives from the Ethnographic Bucovina Museum and the National Tourism Agency of Romania.
You will be immersed in peasant village traditions, folklore and history, from photographing a traditional village wedding to sheep herding and river rafting in the Carpathian Mountains, from lodging into a 19th century villa overlooking the hills of the Cotnari vineyards to exploring the 5,000 years old ancient ruins of the Cucuteni civilization and the painted Medieval monasteries of Bucovina - UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Highly valuable cultural heritage sites are part of the Bucovina Museum Complex including: Fortress of Suceava Royal Seat, the Royal Court, the Museum of History, the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Ethnographic Museum, the Bukovina Village Museum, and the Planetarium.
26:8 Galasia like his Milchcow [right arrow] Milcov (Romanian river, the border between former Moldova and Muntenia); (Galitia included Bucovina between 1786-1849 and 1860-1861) (Bucovina: 'Tara Fagilor', 'Buchenland'); 114.
A study dedicated to luxury was written by Constantin StamatiCiurea, the archbishop of Bucovina and Dalmatia, in 1895.
My journey was to be from the capital Bucharest to the touristy Brasov and finally ending in the historical region of Bucovina.