Buddy Holly

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Noun1.Buddy Holly - United States rock star (1936-1959)
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For readers to claim that Duncan Edwards would have emerged as a greater footballer than Pele, Maradona and Messi is a bit like saying that Buddy Holly would have gone on to be a greater rockstar than Elvis, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix.
We are thrilled to have Rick and David bring their considerable talents and expertise to The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation," said Holly.
The group were even endorsed as Britain's most popular Buddy Holly act when they guested on BBC One's Saturday night show 'The One and Only', hosted by comedian Graham Norton.
Buddy Holly, pictured left, was born in Texas on September 7, 1936, and this Limited Edition maestro watch pays tribute to the 80th anniversary of his birth.
I believe this is testament to a great show and to the enduring appeal of Buddy Holly and what he represents - a youthful energy, huge talent and creativity, combined with a determination to make a lasting impression in this world.
I only needed specs for reading, but as a result of wearing them all the time to try to look like Buddy Holly, I became genuinely nearsighted," (http://www.
Daniel Flynn as Buddy Holly | with the rest of an excellent cast
Buddy Holly - a Legend Reborn will rock Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall on October 17, Perth Concert Hall the next night and Aberdeen Music Hall on the 19th.
It was the last night of us performing The Buddy Holly Story in Newcastle so our friends and family were there," he said.
Following Buddy's journey from a country artist (very much against his will) to a rock and roll icon, e Buddy Holly Story charts America during a time when the words rock and roll themselves struck fear into hearts nationwide.
THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY: |Volumes 1 and 2 (Beat Goes On) EVERY Sunday morning between 10.
At the center of that cultural mixing, Mielke says, emerged the figure of legendary singer Buddy Holly.