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Noun1.Bufferin - aspirin coated with a substance capable of neutralizing acid (trade name Bufferin)
acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin, Bayer, Empirin, St. Joseph - the acetylated derivative of salicylic acid; used as an analgesic anti-inflammatory drug (trade names Bayer, Empirin, and St. Joseph) usually taken in tablet form; used as an antipyretic; slows clotting of the blood by poisoning platelets
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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Ducere Pharma, which has a strong reputation in the branding of drugs for consumer care and pain relief, recently acquired a portfolio of over-the-counter trademarks from Novartis (NYSE;NVS) including Bufferin, Doan's, Comtrex, Nupercainal, Myoflex, and Cruex.
8, pharmaceutical company Novartis issued a recall for a number of its over-the-counter drugs, namely Excedrin and Bufferin, due to mislabeled and broken pills found at its Nebraska plant.
He attended Harvard Business School and upon graduating in 1988, he landed his first marketing position at Bristol-Myers Squibb as assistant product manager of Bufferin aspirin.
I would appreciate any information and also want to know if Bufferin or aspirin do thin the blood.