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n.1.A sort of coarse stuff; as, buffin gowns.
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CORVALLIS - Oregon State swimming coach Jennifer Buffin announced the signing of six swimmers to national letters of intent Monday.
But before then, she hopes to spend Tuesday, her rest day, lolling around the flat she shared with swimmer Jasmine Alkhaldi and her coach Jennifer Buffin in the Athletes' Village.
The Judge then went on to consider who owned 'Art Buff once removed, in terms of it being a valuable part of the demised premises that was removed by a tenant in the course of carrying out its repairing obligations (notwithstanding the Judge's decision that Dreamland was not entitled to remove Art Buffin order to comply with its repairing obligations).
It is hoped that Jeremy Pilkington's RP78 Lupa of London and Uxorious IV, the Swan 62 owned by Colin Buffin, will arrive in time to stake their claim for Britain.
Jennifer Lyn Buffin, the assistant coach in the University of Hawaii, has also been called to lend a hand.
Over the years we've acted as ambassadors of this technology," Buffin says.
It's really sad because Buffin has been there right from the start, a constant presence in a band whose line-up changed numerous time over the years," said Verden Allen, Mott's 68-year-old keyboard player from Crynant in Neath.
Also receiving AAYAA recognition this year for Culture & Heritage were Josie Baker, Metis (Junior); Chanelle Blackkettle First Nations (Junior); Arsan Buffin, First Nations (Senior); Trista Simpson for Academic Achievement (Senior); for Walking the Red Road were Heaven Steckler (Junior) and Jamie Courtorielle (Senior); for Athletic Achievement were Daniel Deck (Junior) and Emilie Raye Wendland (Senior); for Community Leader were Annika Keewatin (Junior) and Kirsten Lindquist (Senior); and Naomi Beth Rau for Career Advancement (Senior).
Chris Miller burst down the right and forced Belgian keeper Ruud Buffin to clutch a cross.
Its MD Ian McLeod is a former MD of Asda, Other ex-pats include CFO Tony Buffin, operations director Stuart Machin and merchandise director John Durkan,
Meet the Gang (00) has a puppy moving in to Buffin Street and engaging with the others there whilst Moo Baa Baa Quack (97) has the farm animals musical band trying to recall their words, 4.
Coles chief financial officer Tony Buffin said Coles Car Insurance offered customers a quality product at a great price.