Buffy coat

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the coagulated plasma of blood when the red corpuscles have so settled out that the coagulum appears nearly colorless. This is common in diseased conditions where the corpuscles run together more rapidly and in denser masses than usual.
- Huxley.

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In brief, a total of 100ul of buffy coat added to 900ul of cell lysis solution, mixed by inversion, incubated for 10 minutes at room temperature.
The subject of the public contract is: (a) supply of blood-filled and blood-plate-forming bags - triple the number of 25 200 pieces, - 4 pcs in 48 000 pieces, - mixing bag for buffy-coat platelet production of 3600 units, - thrombocyte retention solution of 3600 units; b) free borrowing and installation of 3-5 pcs (according to press capacity) of a new automatic press for processing / separation of collected blood and buffy coat for working with blood bags with upper / lower outlet / (the client specifies the need for processing on 100 blood during 2.
Confirmation of diagnosis was made by demonstration of plasmodium in the peripheral blood by thin and thick blood film examination by immunochromatographic test, Quantitative Buffy Coat analysis for parasite, complete blood profile including platelet count.
We obtained peripheral blood samples with informed consent and institutional approval from 10 pregnant women from each of the first (12-14 weeks), second (20-23 weeks), and third (38-40 weeks) trimesters and harvested the plasma and maternal buffy coat from each case.
Classically whole blood platelet concentrates are prepared either from platelet rich plasma (PRP) or buffy coat.
In all the cases, the buffy coat is stored in single compartment cryobags.
tsutsugamushi in patients' EDTA-blood buffy coat has become the tool of choice for routine diagnosis and epidemiologic studies (11,12).
An EDTA-sample is centrifuged and plasma carefully removed without disturbing the buffy coat.
The sample was subjected to gradient centrifuge at 2000 rpm for 30 minutes and the buffy coat containing mononuclear cell was collected from the interface (Figure 5) The buffy coat was taken in the test tube along with the Modified Eagle's Medium - low glucose (DMEM-LG) containing antibiotic and subjected for centrifugation at 2000 rpm for 10 minutes.
Approximately 5ml blood was collected by cephalic or jugular puncture into tubes containing anticoagulant for the recovery of the buffy coat by centrifugation.
Buffy coat smear was made and Geima staining was done to demonstrate morula stage of E.
PowerMag Blood Kit works with all blood types and provides automated isolation of high yields of nucleic acids from fresh and frozen whole blood, buffy coat, plasma and stabilised blood.