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(Placename) a port in E Democratic Republic of Congo, on Lake Kivu: commercial and industrial centre. Pop: 294 000 (2005 est). Former name (until 1966): Costermansville


(buˈkɑ vu)

a city in the E Democratic Republic of the Congo. 201,569. Formerly, Costermansville.
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It was the second day the two countries have exchanged artillery fire across the Ruzizi River, which divides Cyangugu from Bukavu.
A colonel and a lieutenant colonel were sentenced to death in absentia for "organising or taking part in an insurrectional movement," Colonel Freddy Mukendi, first president of the Bukavu court, told AFP.
helicopter to Bukavu, the provincial capital, said Desire Yuma, whose national Red Cross staff were among the captives.
The Banro Foundation is a registered charity based in Bukavu, DRC and funded by the Company with a mandate to improve the lives of thousands of people living in South Kivu and Maniema provinces through strategic investments in education, health and infrastructure development and to provide humanitarian assistance as needed.
In Bukavu, the well-equipped former interim government has set itself up in complete freedom with refrigerators, weapons and the mobile radio station, "Mille Collines," which bears a heavy responsibility for inciting the Hutu to massacres.
This emphasis on air transport was underlined on December 10 by Prime Minister Kengo wa Dondo when he inaugurated a new 2,000 meters long airstrip at Ravumu, near the capital of Southern Kivu, Bukavu, giving room for Shabair and Zaire-Express 707 and 737 Boeings to land.
Born in Bukavu, Zaire, Kanza began singing in church choirs as a child.
More of 3G services will occur in the coming days with citizens of Lubumbashi and Matadi also can connect to the Internet using their phones, with Goma, Bukavu and Mbuji-Mayi following in early 2013.
He founded the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu in 1999, and has since treated more than 30,000 female survivors of sexual violence.
NYSE: STP), the world's largest producer of solar panels, today announced that it will create a Commitment to Action as part of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting to help power the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
He said 50 people were wounded in the incident in a prison in the eastern city of Bukavu, and that an investigation was looking into how the inmate had got the grenade.
The study, based at the Panzi hospital in the eastern city of Bukavu, which specialises in treating victims of rape, revealed that more than half of the victims were "raped by gangs of armed men and more than half of the aggressions took place inside homes".