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also Bu·co·vi·na  (bo͞o′kə-vē′nə)
A historical region of eastern Europe in western Ukraine and northeast Romania. A part of the Roman province of Dacia, it was overrun by Germanic and Turkic peoples after the third century ad. The area was later controlled by Kiev, the Ottoman Empire, and Austria.


(ˌbuːkəˈviːnə) or


(Placename) a region of E central Europe, part of the NE Carpathians: the north was seized by the Soviet Union (1940) and later became part of Ukraine; the south remained Romanian


or Bu•ko•vi•na

(ˌbu kəˈvi nə)

a region in E central Europe, formerly a district in N Romania: now divided between Romania and Ukraine. 4031 sq. mi. (10,440 sq. km).
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His other recent works include, among others, the monograph The Bukowina Expedition of Stanislaw Jablonowski in 1685 (2002) and Marian Zdziechowski in View of the Russian Thought of XIX and XX Century (2005), and many scholarly articles regarding the political history of Poland, Russia, and the world in the twentieth century.
Calusa Catrina 5m Lahib - Bukowina Peter Luff 6I know she was beaten a long way on her debut in a Bangor bumper, but if you stopped the race at the final bend you'd have given her a chance.
Nach 1918 bildeten die Siebenburger Sachsen, die Banater Schwaben, die Deutschen in Bessarabien, in der Bukowina und dem Alten Konigreich die deutsche Minderheit in Rumanien.
In the town of Vatra-Dornei in the Dukedom of Bukowina lived a family by the name of Porc.