Bull calf

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A stupid fellow.

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A BULL calf rearing business is holding two advisory days near Wrexham later this month.
Black and white bull calves got to a high of PS70, while top bull calf price was PS220 for a Simmental from regular supporter Roberts, Brynaeron.
After a lot of sweat we were pleased to get a healthy bull calf.
For its existing Pippa lounge chair, it offered a mattress made of 15 removable cushions made of bull calf on a bull calf base, and added a new Pippa folding armchair made of natural cowhide or Clemence bull calf and wood.
Messrs Johnson of West Wharmley run of heifers and calved topped at PS2950 for a Limousin cross heifer with a Limousin bull calf at foot.
The Windhoek Show livestock arena was abuzz this week when a young heifer delivered a bull calf through caesarean section with the help of Agra's ProVision division.
The best age and method for castrating a bull calf may vary, depending n your situation.
But the 30-pound bull calf named Yellow Medicine Dancing Boy is not only unusual but also sacred.
Lim x at calvers + Lim bull calf to pounds 2610; Lim hfr calf to pounds 2,500; Lim x 1st + Lim calves at foot (6) pounds 1820-pounds 1050, av pounds 1,965; Lim x 1st calver + hfr calf to pounds 1,900; Lim x 1st calvers + Brit Blue x calves (2) pounds 1740-pounds 1680; Brit Blue x 1st calver + Lim bull calf to pounds 1950; Brit Blue x 1st calver + Lim x bull calf to pounds 1,880; Ped Lim cow to pounds 1,520; Ped bulls (2) pounds 3,200-pounds 2,500.
This is the story of nine-year-old Eli and his first bull calf, Little Joe, whom he's going to raise and show at the county fair where he hopes to win the blue ribbon.
Roche said a cow losing weight before conception may have some mechanism that prompted it to reject a male embryo because it was not up to supporting the development of a bull calf.