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Noun1.Bulnesia - palo santo
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
bean-caper family, family Zygophyllaceae, Zygophyllaceae - small trees, shrubs, and herbs of warm arid and saline regions; often resinous; some poisonous: genera Zygophyllum, Tribulus, Guaiacum, Larrea
Bulnesia sarmienti, palo santo - South American tree of dry interior regions of Argentina and Paraguay having resinous heartwood used for incense
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In Zygophyllaceae, the flowers of Bulnesia and Porlieria are slightly monosymmetric (Sheahan, 2007).
Aphis craccivora is here mentioned for first time, according to Blackman & Eastop (2006), on species of Baccharis (Asteraceae), Bulnesia (Zygopbyllaceae), Condalia (Rhamnaceae), Gazania (Asteraceae), Hoffmanseggia (Fabaceae), Larrea (Zygophyllaceae), Prosopidastrum (Fabaceae), Proustia (Asteraceae) and Tricomaria (Malpighiaceae), and on species of another 21 genera of several plant families in Argentina (Table 1).
Following a recurrent Mido theme of classic styling, the collection has a 'post-retro' flavour combining aluminium, acetate and a variety of exotic woods: amourette, ebony, padouk and bulnesia.