1.See Bombast.
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But herein I cannot so fully bequeath them to follie, as their idiote art-masters, that intrude themselues to our eares as the alcumists of eloquence; who (mounted on the stage of arrogance) think to outbraue better pens with the swelling bumbast of a bragging blanke verse.
In the most famous single passage of Elizabethan theatre history, Robert Greene in 1592 dismissed the young Shakespeare as an "upstart Crow," a mere player who now "supposes he is as well able to bumbast out a blanke verse" as any university-trained poet.
Insofar as he is not naturally a poet, his inspiration must come from others; insofar as this is so, his claims to ownership of literary material are vitiated from the outset; and hence Dekker's play ultimately forces Horace/Jonson to swear "not to bumbast out a new Play, with the olde lynings of Iestes, stolne from the Temples Reuels" (5.