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a river in E Asia, flowing NE along the China–North Korea border and then SE along the border between China and Russia to the Sea of Japan. ab. 325 mi. (525 km) long.
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A key factor in the decision to build was "the old terminal was in the wrong spot", according to Kevin Bumen, Director of Airports for the County of San Luis Obispo Department of Airports.
operation Guide Key figures of the control duties to be documented and the inventories of the forest infrastructure and forest-related infrastructure and buildings - 1 241 km of forest edges according to the 2010 Forstein direction, thereof 624 km Property limits - 180 km of forest outside edges to traffic areas with Kontrollintervall 9 Monate 98 km Waldinnenrnder zu Waldverkehrsflchen mit Kontrollintervall 18 Monate 275 km Waldauenrnder zu Bebauung-/Aufenthaltsflchen mit Kontrollintervall 18 Monate Baumkontrollen sind durch FLL-zertifizierte Baumkontrolleure nach den Richtlinien zur berprfung der Verkehrssicherheit von Bumen der Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau e.
150) Difang he Zhongyang Youguan Bumen dui QiYe Pochanfa Caoan de Yijian [Some Opinions about Chinese EBL (draft) from Local and Central Government], Nat'l People's Cong.
3) "Zhongguo zhijian bumen ni banbu shishi 'guojia biaozhunhua zhanlue gangyao" (Chinese quality inspection department sets to issue "Outline for National Standards Strategy"), available at http://finance.
The article discussed the experimentation in selected places of the "Three Unities" policy, which was encapsulated in the slogan: "The party and the government are responsible for directing the path, one enterprise put first takes the first step, relevant departments take it by the hand and help, few births make for outstanding family planning, happiness, and prosperity" (Dangzheng fuze zhilu, yiye weizhu qibu, bumen xieshou bangzhu, shaosheng youyu kuaifu).
Si bumen fa wenming quexin fang gongzuo wenze zhidu" [Four departments issued measures to be taken for a clear system of accountability], July 25.
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Guowuyuan bumen guizhang he difang zhengfu guizhang de zhiding, xiugai he feizhi, yizhao benfa de youguan guiding zhixing).
5) In the Chinese legal system, Falu (Law) is made by the National People's Congress and its Standing Committee; Xingzheng fagui (Administrative Regulations) are made by the State Council; Bumen guizheng (Departmental Rules) are made by various departments of the State Council; Sifa jieshi (Judicial Interpretations) are made by the Supreme People's Court.
49) See Zhong Youping Zai Fanlongduan Zhifa Guoji Yantaohui Shang Zhichu Gongshang Bumen Yifa Kaizhan Jingzheng Zhifa Qude Jiji Chengxiao [Statement by Zhong Youping at the International Symposium on Antitrust Law Enforcement that AICs' Enforcement of Competition Rules Has Achieved Positive Results] (Dec.
Shanxi Heiyao Shijian Xu: Laotian Bumen She Daomai Tonggong [Shanxi Black Brick Kiln Incident Continued: Labor Supervision Department Was Involved in the Sale of Child Workers], TENG XUN WANG [QQ.
At the opening event, Kevin Bumen, Director of Airports, commented: "We are so excited that today is finally here