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n. pl. nod·dies
1. A dunce or fool; a simpleton.
2. Any of several terns of the genera Anous and Procelsterna, found in tropical waters and usually having dark brown or black plumage with a white or gray head.

[Perhaps from obsolete noddy, foolish, possibly from nod.]


n, pl -dies
1. (Animals) any of several tropical terns of the genus Anous, esp A. stolidus (common noddy), typically having a dark plumage
2. a fool or dunce
[C16: perhaps noun use of obsolete noddy foolish, drowsy, perhaps from nod (vb); the bird is so called because it allows itself to be caught by hand]


n, pl -dies
(Broadcasting) (usually plural) television film footage of an interviewer's reactions to comments made by an interviewee, used in editing the interview after it has been recorded
[C20: from nod]


informal very easy to use or understand; simplistic
[C20: origin unknown]


(ˈnɒd i)

n., pl. -dies.
1. any of several small, usu. dark-bodied terns of the genus Anous, frequenting warm oceanic waters.
2. a fool or simpleton.
[1520–30; perhaps n. use of obsolete noddy (adj.) silly (alluding to the bird's tameness when nesting); see nod, -y1]
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