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 (bər-jē′, bûr′jē)
A small distinguishing flag displayed by a yacht.

[Perhaps from French dialectal bourgeais, shipowner, from Old French burgeis, citizen, from bourg, bourg; see bourg.]


(Nautical Terms) nautical a triangular or swallow-tailed flag flown from the mast of a merchant ship for identification and from the mast of a yacht to indicate its owner's membership of a particular yacht club
[C18: perhaps from French (Jersey dialect) bourgeais shipowner, from Old French borgeis; see bourgeois1, burgess]


(ˈbɜr dʒi, bɜrˈdʒi)

a small nautical flag or pennant, used for identification or as a signal.
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A shiny black steam-yacht, with mahogany deck-house, nickel-plated binnacles, and pink-and-white-striped awnings, puffed up the harbour, flying the burgee of some New York club.
Turnstone Biologics, a North American clinical-stage immuno-oncology company, has named Dr Mike Burgees as its president of research and development, it was reported on Wednesday.
A fifteenth-minute strike from Scott Burgees gave Blyth the lead at home to Ryton and Crawcrook A before Daniel Rowsell notched a second five minutes before the break.
the Permanent Stations of Survey of India along with co-ordinates and fixing of domain of the following 3 Projects using Total Station with in the elevations range of each Project and providing & fixing Burgees on the permanent features in respect of each Project showing location of intake and power house/Tail race outlet.
Other facilitators/speakers included Aaron Weinstein Managing Editor of PRS, Anita Jan Editor India BMJ, Ian Burgees Group Publisher, Medical and Open Access Publishing from Wolters Kluwer Health, UK, Duncan MacRae Senior Manager, Open Access, Editorial, Health Learning, Research and Practice, Dheeraj Shah Editor of Indian Paediatrics and Abraham Haileamlak Editor Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences from Ethiopia.
But the rider was later found guilty of dropping his hands and losing third place on Bring Back Charlie despite looking around several times in the closing stages of the 2m maiden hurdle won by Mr Burgees.
Yachts racing in the Rolex Sydney Hobart do so flying the burgees of these participating clubs.
Burgees have correlation with other variable but not with TV.
Awards and merchandise are made from recycled materials and old NRW burgees.
Nicholson R, McAthur J, Burgees W, Ahmed KM, Ravenscroft P, Rahman M.
Ben Burgees headed across goal for Barmby to add the finishing touch with his head on 55 minutes.
The last of the local Regattas go ahead this weekend under the West Kirby and Dee burgees with starts around 9 am and 10ambefore the annual pilgrimage to the Menai Strait for the Regattas Fortnight.