n.1.(Print.) See 1st Bourgeois.
1.A burgess; a citizen. See 2d Bourgeois.
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1989): The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere: An Inquiry into a Category of Burgeois Society.
Modern, burgeois industrial society has separated pleasure from labour and divided people into rigorous ranks and occupations resulting in their estrangement and alienation.
The influence of knowledge-flow timing on subsidiary performance might be crucial in fast-moving, hypercompetitive markets (D'Aveni 1994; Eisenhardt and Burgeois 1988) or in situations where firms compete against a certain deadline, such as when a consultancy is trying to win a bid (Haas and Hansen 2005).
The fines will go into effect in about a week once new ticket books come in, Chief Burgeois said.