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A city of northern Spain on a high plateau south-southwest of Bilbao. Founded c. 884, it was the capital of the kingdom of Castile in the 11th century and of Francisco Franco's regime during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).


(Placename) a city in N Spain, in Old Castile: cathedral. Pop: 169 317 (2003 est)


(ˈbur gɔs)

a city in N Spain. 163,910.
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Spies had been sent out in the morning, and returned after nightfall to say that the King of Spain was encamped some fourteen miles off in the direction of Burgos, having with him twenty thousand horse and forty-five thousand foot.
In front of them there lay a broad plain, watered by two winding streams and covered with grass, stretching away to where, in the furthest distance, the towers of Burgos bristled up against the light blue morning sky.
Contract notice: service for the preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment and fire protection systems in buildings of the provincial council of burgos.
The tectonic quake was recorded 36 kilometers northeast of Burgos town at 10:32 p.
By: Egypt Today staff 23 Aug 2017: Spanish club Burgos CF's Twitter account was hacked on Tuesday to announce the signing of Barcelona's biggest star, Lionel Messi.
As much as he celebrated his newfound poetic trove, he also evoked the poems that refused to appear and that would perhaps remain forever lost: "The myth of Julia de Burgos and her missing poems," he wrote, "will never end.
While some have claimed Burgos was the reason (http://www.
Ivan Burgos came within one point of being the first player to win three juniors events at one nationals a year ago.
This is especially true of Julia de Burgos (1914-1953).
Even from a distance, Burgos Eats projects movement and life as diners within flit from glass cubicle to glass cubicle to eat, mingle, and sway to the beat of musicians.
Lauren Burgos of Brooklyn, New York, is no stranger to sacrifice.
Efren Burgos, who drives a 16-wheeler trailer truck for one of the major car dealers based in the Industrial Area, told Gulf Times that the deplorable conditions of the roads have caused inconveniences to both the drivers and their respective companies.