Burial case

a form of coffin, usually of iron, made to close air-tight, for the preservation of a dead body.

See also: Burial

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He was amused when Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno asked martial law victims to relate to the Supreme Court their horrendous experiences during the Marcos burial case, but spoke of Dean Pangalangan's 'magnificent three-hour' marathon on human rights in the said case.
Designed as a supplementary text, The Christian Burial Case opens with an in-depth description of a young girl's disappearance and murder -- the crime that became the Williams case.
McInnis, The Christian Burial Case, An Introduction to Criminal and Justice Procedure.
In the Marcos burial case, he said he could not go against the law by preventing the late dictator's interment among this country's heroes.
12 column ('Why the anti-Marcos burial case failed,' Opinion), Oscar Franklin Tan noted that the nine justices who voted to dismiss the cases filed to prevent deposed president Ferdinand Marcos' burial with honors expressed different views, not necessarily in tune with the majority decision written by Associate Justice Diosdado Peralta.
Vice President Leni Robredo's supporters warn that the voting in the Marcos burial case foreshadows Robredo's ouster under an electoral protest.
De Lima, one of the petitioners to the Marcos burial case, said the Supreme Court 'grossly erred' when it came out with a decision on November 8 that paved the way the for Marcos burial at the heroes cemetery.
Edcel Lagman, a petitioner in the Marcos' burial case, who filed a motion to exhume the body Monday in order to determine if the interred remains were the bones or the wax figure of the dictator.
Edcel Lagman, a petitioner in the Marcos burial case, has filed a motion before the Supreme Court to exhume the remains of the late dictator and asked the court to cite the Marcos family in contempt.
The burial case is challenging because no law explicitly prohibits the burial.
What a tragedy if the high court, through a failure of will or a perverted sense of consensus, decides the Marcos burial case using Marcos' own kind of reductionist legalism.