Burkitts lymphoma

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Bur′kitt's lympho′ma

(ˈbɜr kɪts)
a cancer of the lymphatic system characterized by lesions of the jaw or abdomen, mainly affecting children in central Africa.
[after Denis Parsons Burkitt (b. 1911), Irish physician, who identified it in 1957]
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It only costs pounds 40 to treat a patient for Burkitts lymphoma in Malawi, compared with pounds 50,000 in the UK.
Agency for International Development, the Center last year established the first American cancer clinic and medical training facility in Africa, a joint effort between the Hutchinson Center and the Uganda Cancer Institute for the study and treatment of cancer, including the childhood cancer Burkitts lymphoma, a viral disease-related malignancy.
GOLF: George Archer, the 1969 Masters champion and winner of 11 other titles on the PGA Tour, including the 1972 Glen Campbell Los Angeles Open at Riviera Country Club, died after a yearlong battle with Burkitts Lymphoma.