Burkitts lymphoma

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Bur′kitt's lympho′ma

(ˈbɜr kɪts)
a cancer of the lymphatic system characterized by lesions of the jaw or abdomen, mainly affecting children in central Africa.
[after Denis Parsons Burkitt (b. 1911), Irish physician, who identified it in 1957]
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Emily, a pupil at Croesyceiliog Comprehensive School, in Cwmbran, was diagnosed with Burkitts lymphoma aged 16.
But she said: "A year cancer free is a long time in the world of Burkitts lymphoma and I am so, so happy to be at this point.
The combination, known as BaP, has also been used alongside chemotherapy to successfully treat children with Burkitts lymphoma (BL), the most common childhood cancer in Eastern Africa.