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 (bûr′lē), First Baron
See William Cecil.


(Biography) a variant spelling of Burghley


(ˈbɜr li)

1st Baron. Cecil, William.
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Queen Elizabeth received Spenser kindly, and was so delighted with the Faery Queen that she ordered Lord Burleigh to pay the poet 100 pounds a year.
So back to Ireland he went once more, with a grudge in his heart against Lord Burleigh.
Then there was Colonel Cecil Burleigh Essex, another F.
Even the lazy gentleman with his hat on one side and his hands in his pockets, who has dispensed so much consolation by inquiring with a yawn of another gentleman whether he is 'going across' - as if it were a ferry - even he condescends to look that way, and nod his head, as who should say, 'No mistake about THAT:' and not even the sage Lord Burleigh in his nod, included half so much as this lazy gentleman of might who has made the passage (as everybody on board has found out already; it's impossible to say how) thirteen times without a single accident
PHIL BURLEIGH reckons Edinburgh will shake off their New Year bumps and bruises to become Euro big-hitters.
Five months after vacating the top role at Intel, Kate Burleigh has been selected as country manager of Amazon Alexa Skills across Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ).
15am yesterday, closing off Walton Breck Road and Burleigh Road North while investigations were carried out.
New York TimesDavid Burleigh, a Trump impersonator, performs at a private dinner in Long Beach, California.
Just before he tells readers about Tharp's discovery of the deep rift running along the mid-Atlantic ocean floor, which offered proof of continental drift, Burleigh writes simply: "But there was even more.
Greig Tonks kicked eight points for the Scottish side, with tries for Phil Burleigh and John Andress maintaining the home side's 100 per cent record in the competition.
Alan Solomons' men had looked on course for a runaway triumph after scoring three quickfire tries from Phil Burleigh, Damien Hoyland and Sam Beard.