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A city of northwest Vermont on Lake Champlain west-northwest of Montpelier. The largest city in the state, it was the site of a military and naval base during the War of 1812.


1. (Placename) a city in S Canada on Lake Ontario, northeast of Hamilton. Pop: 150 836 (2001)
2. (Placename) a town in NW Vermont on Lake Champlain: largest in the state; University of Vermont (1791). Pop: 39 148 (2003 est)


(ˈbɜr lɪŋ tən)

a city in S Ontario, in S Canada, on Lake Ontario. 129,575.
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Noun1.Burlington - the largest city in Vermont; located in northwestern Vermont on Lake Champlain; site of the University of Vermont
University of Vermont - a university in Burlington, Vermont
Green Mountain State, Vermont, VT - a state in New England
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The Boys' Home was the best hotel on our branch of the Burlington, and all the commercial travellers in that territory tried to get into Black Hawk for Sunday.
Lord Henry passed up the low arcade into Burlington Street and turned his steps in the direction of Berkeley Square.
7, Saville Row, Burlington Gardens, the house in which Sheridan died in 1814.
Yes; to Burlington, and far enough beyond," replied he.
He strolled up Bond Street or through the Burlington Arcade, and when he was tired went and sat down in the Park or in wet weather in the public library in St.
Cooper was born at Burlington, New Jersey, 15th Sept.
When I first descended into the cabin of the New York, it looked, in my unaccustomed eyes, about as long as the Burlington Arcade.
The event marks the start of the official countdown to the 2014 Burlington Beer Festival, to be held from July 18 to 20 at Spencer Smith Park on the Burlington waterfront.
The company informed that, Keizer, a partner and co-head of Torys Infrastructure and Energy Practice, has resigned as Burlington Hydro Electric Board Chair in order to render legal services on behalf of Burlington Electricity Services Inc.
As the result of a deal signed in April, Li & Fung USA's home fashions division, Homestead, acquired the rights to the Burlington House name from International Textile Group.
Burlington County Recycling Coordinator Ann Moore says, "We already have a strong curbside recycling program in Burlington County.
But the entire line was whipped into production and delivered to 280 stores nationwide, including its Canoga Park, Ventura and Arcadia locations, less than five months after he signed the deal with Burlington.