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 (bûr′nē), Frances Known as "Fanny." 1752-1840.
British writer known especially for her novels, such as the comedy of manners Evelina (1778), and for her witty and sophisticated letters and diaries.


1. (Biography) Charles. 1726–1814, English composer and music historian, whose books include A General History of Music (1776–89)
2. (Biography) his daughter, Frances. known as Fanny; married name Madame D'Arblay. 1752–1840, English novelist and diarist: author of Evelina (1778). Her Diaries and Letters (1768–1840) are of historical interest


(ˈbɜr ni)

Fanny or Frances (Madame D'Arblay), 1752–1840, English novelist and diarist.
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Stop jabbering, girls, and I'll tell you everything," said Jo, wondering if Miss Burney felt any grander over her Evilina than she did over her `Rival Painters'.
Burney comes to us with a vast diversified background not only in the fundamentals of geological mining and exploration but also as a teacher in the basics of this subject.
Khawar Hussain Burney, his guard Abdul Rehman and three underage brothers Haider Hussain Burney, Hasan Hussain Burney and Hasnain Hussain Burney along with their absconding accomplices have been booked for allegedly killing 18-year-old college student Zafir Ahmed Zuberi on Abdul Sattar Edhi Avenue near Seaview on Dec 3.
KARACHI -- The Zafir Zubairi murder case took a new turn as three eyewitnesses came forward and identified Khawar Burney, his three cousins and security guard Abdul Rehman as the culprits during an identification parade.
KARACHI -- The Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International and Pakistan's former Federal Minister for human rights, Mr Ansar Burney, Advocate has strongly condemned curfew clamped in all the 10 districts in Indian held Kashmir valley (To stop Muslims for offering Friday prayers).
KARACHI -- The United Nations former Expert Adviser on human rights and former Federal Minister, Ansar Burney has announced that Authorities in India has assured Ansar Burney Trust International that all Pakistani Fishermen and prisoners who had already been completed their Jail terms in Indian prisons will be released and send back to Pakistan very soon.
KARACHI -- 'Ansar Burney Trust International' has filed a Constitutional petition in the Sindh High Court against Land Grabbers, corruption, illegally raised constructions and illegal and unlawful possession and conversion of "amenity plots" in the city of Karachi.
PAKISTAN'S former federal minister for human rights Ansar Burney will visit India on Friday to search for the family of an Indian girl who had strayed into Pakistan over a decade ago.
Islamabad, Sep 14(ANI): The United Nations Expert Adviser on Human Rights and former Pakistan Human Rights Minister, Ansar Burney, has appreciated the Indian government's gesture of assuring the release of over 35 Pakistani prisoners on humanitarian grounds.
Frances Burney is now seen not just as a novelist but as a playwright, letter-writer and major chronicler of her times.
Edward Burney, 39, of Finchley Crescent, Walker, Newcastle, was found dead on September 7 this year after a relative contacted a neighbour because she had not heard from him.
Offensive lineman Christian Medina and fullback Luis Jimenez pounded linebacker Marlon Pennington out of the way at the line and Burney raced 97 yards up the middle as the Spartans rallied for a 14-3 victory over visiting Gardena on Thursday in the first round of the City Championship playoffs.