Cuyahoga River

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Cuy·a·ho·ga River

 (kī′ə-hō′gə, kə-hō′-)
A river, about 160 km (100 mi) long, of northeast Ohio flowing southwest then north to enter Lake Erie at Cleveland.
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Eric performed with Burning River Brass at the International Trumpet Guild Convention in Columbus and other venues in Ohio.
A: If the Gay Games inspired you to become an athletic supporter in Cleveland (but you'd rather watch contact sports with a beer in hand than from the field of play) the Burning River Roller Girls (BurningRiverRollerGirls.
Anne McClain, an accomplished ultra-runner, has competed in the North Coast 24 Endurance Run, Burning River 100-Mile Endurance Race, Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs (100K), and over half a dozen 50K events.
Senator George Voinovich appeared at The 2012 Burning River Fest on July 21 to receive the Burning River Foundation's inaugural "Outstanding Environmental Leadership" award.
The city has never really been paid much respect nationally and has been the butt of more than a few late-night jokes about a burning river and the like.
Cleveland-based Great Lakes Brewing Company will offer brews including Burning River Pale Ale, Dortmunder Gold Lager, Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, and Eliot Ness Amber Lager, among others.
Even the greediest trappers had found lovers in the city; nothing could convince them to canoe the burning river, not even the prospect of soldiers barricading the streets.
The Great Lakes Brewing Company of Cleveland, OH, will continue a decade-long tradition this coming weekend with the Annual Burning River Fest.
8220;We take a lot of heat in Cleveland as the Burning River City.
of Cleveland OH, held its 2nd Annual Burning River Fest on June 22nd.