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(Placename) an industrial town in NW England, in E Lancashire. Pop: 73 021 (2001)


(ˈbɜrn li)

a city in E Lancashire, in NW England. 92,700.
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That business is to be merged with the Smith & Nephew unit which has a manufacturing plant in Burnley, Lancashire, employing 68 staff and a distribution operation in Ireland.
Pathologist Dr Alexander Howard said James, of Burnley, Lancashire, had been fit and healthy.
The 22-year-old, from Burnley, Lancashire, was discovered by other prisoners hanging from a noose made of bedsheets at 7pm.
Damien Pollard, of Burnley, Lancashire, collapsed and fractured his skull on Thursday night after two friends caused him to pass out by pressing his chest in a game known to the youngsters as "Dead Zone".
Morgan, of Hapton, Burnley, Lancashire, wept with joy and relief as the seven-man, five-woman jury returned the not guilty verdict after less than 50 minutes.
Maund, of Burnley, Lancashire, admitted seven specimen counts of sexual assault in a shed and bedroom at his former home in Worcestershire.
Early Life: He was born in Burnley, Lancashire in 1939.
George Taylor, aged 45, collapsed as he was working on a house extension in Burnley, Lancashire, yesterday.
Patrick Waddle, of Green End Road, Earby, near Burnley, Lancashire, died in hospital in Leeds on Monday, July 18 with his family by his bedside.
Hain spoke after the election of three British National Party councillors in Burnley, Lancashire.
His family, from Burnley, Lancashire, begged the Government to use pressure to secure his release, but were told officials could not interfere.
Mr Edward Shapland, aged 51, chief executive of The Marsden Building Society, was found hanging from a beam in a store room at his farmhouse in Lane Head, Burnley, Lancashire.