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(Placename) an industrial town in NW England, in E Lancashire. Pop: 73 021 (2001)


(ˈbɜrn li)

a city in E Lancashire, in NW England. 92,700.
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It cost around PS28,500 for the conversions to be made at Pickup Systems in Burnley, Lancashire.
UK-based property investor LXi REIT plc (LSE: LXI) has acquired the Motorpoint car showroom in Burnley, Lancashire, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 22, 2017-LXI REIT Acquires Motorpoint Car Showroom in Burnley, Lancashire for GBP 5.
Officers said the 35-yearold's death is not being treated as suspicious after he was discovered in Burnley, Lancashire, and later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.
Kieron Simpson fell around 20ft from the roof of the disused Habergham High School in Burnley, Lancashire, while playing with friends.
The body of a man was spotted on the tracks near Towneley level crossing in Burnley, Lancashire, yesterday morning.
The youngster was playing near her home in Burnley, Lancashire, when Imran Khan, 34, kidnapped her before he exposed himself and incited her to touch his genitals.
Established at the much-maligned but respected Angels night club in the small mill town of Burnley, Lancashire, in November 1989, Retro was conceived by a group of people with wanting an underground nightclub haunt for those who sought similar - seeking more than a normal night out.
Six directors of a 'land bank' involving prime land near Burnley, Lancashire, UK, have been disqualified following a regulatory probe
Whether I am playing for Burnley, Lancashire or England I don't hold anything back.
Louis Steyn, 42 was relaxing at his home in Burnley, Lancashire, one Thursday evening last October when his peace was completely shattered.
The baby was lying on his changing mat at the family home in Burnley, Lancashire, when the defendant attempted to move the TV to plug in a scart lead and watch a DVD.