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n. pl. bur·ki·nis
A two-piece swimsuit worn by Muslim women, covering the entire body except for the hands, feet, and face.

[Blend of burqa and bikini.]


a swimming costume which covers the whole body with the exception of the face, hands, and feet, suitable for wear by Muslim women
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This is regarding the uproar being made by the western media for the use of burqini by Muslim women living in European countries.
Other popular trends include the 'hijabista', a fusion of the hijab and fashionista styles, along with the successful launch of specialised modest garments such as the burqini (full body covering swimwear) pioneered by AHIIDA, a Lebanese Australian modest sportswear design company.
Last year's addition was burqini, a swimsuit for Muslim women, with the popular vote going to fracking -- shorthand for hydraulic fracturing, a process using chemicals and water to split rock-beds to extract gas or oil.
If you couldn't guess from its name, the burqini (a combination of burqa and bikini) consists of a full body suit with a tunic top and a head covering attached to the swimming suit.
Turkish firm Hasema sells full-body Islamic swimwear, dubbed the burqini after the Afghan burqa, designed to allow Muslim women to swim while retaining their modesty, in more than 30 countries.
Born in the northern coastal city of Tripoli in the late 1960s, the woman behind the original burqini brand "Ahiida" grew up in a conservative AaMuslim family in Lebanon, where she says many women had deep-seated anxieties about swimming in public due to religious prohibitions.
Some countries have banned the burqa and the burqini, saying it disturbs their children's mind?
I was reading in the paper the other day that a French Muslim woman, Carole (no surname given), had been turned away from her local public swimming pool for trying to swim wearing a Burqini.
The anti-immigration mayor of a northern Italian city has barred Muslim women from wearing the controversial body-concealing swimsuit known as a burqini, a report said Wednesday.
Lebanese Australian Aheda Zanetti did the world a great favour when she first designed the burqini.
20 (ANI): Muslim women have been banned from wearing the body-concealing swimming costume known as a burqini in the northern Italian town of Varallo Sesia.
A Muslim woman who tried to go swimming in a burqini - an all-covering swimming costume - has been banned from her local pool in Paris, reports AFP .