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tre·pan 1

1. A rock-boring tool used in mining for sinking shafts.
2. Medicine A trephine.
tr.v. tre·panned, tre·pan·ning, tre·pans
1. To bore (a shaft) with a trepan.
2. To bore or otherwise make a hole in (the skull), as in certain prehistoric cultures or in surgery using a trephine.

[Middle English trepane, surgical crown saw, from Medieval Latin trepanum, from Greek trūpanon, borer, from trūpān, to pierce, from trūpē, hole; see terə- in Indo-European roots.]

trep′a·na′tion (trĕp′ə-nā′shən) n.

tre·pan 2

 (trĭ-păn′) Archaic
tr.v. tre·panned, tre·pan·ning, tre·pans
To trap; ensnare.
1. A trickster.
2. A trick or snare.

[Origin unknown.]


n. trepanación, perforación del cráneo con un instrumento especial para reducir el aumento de la presión intracraneal causada por fractura, acumulación de sangre o pus.
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He was managed by emergency burr hole placement in bilateral frontal and parietal region with evacuation of altered subdural blood, irrigation with ringer lactate solution and placement of subdural drainage tubes, which were connected to closed drainage system and were removed after 72 h.
A brain surgeon will have drilled a burr hole or removed a piece of skull and sucked up the clot, then tied any bleeding vessels and repaired the scalp.
An appropriate sized burr hole cover was placed over the craniectomy site.
I cluck like a chicken, howl at the moon, and drill a daily burr hole into my skull to allow all my knowledge of ventilators to seek asylum elsewhere.
Forty hours following the burr hole procedure, the nurse noted that he became somnolent, difficult to arouse, and responded to painful stimuli.
The procedure involved a surgical opening of the skull, not a burr hole, and tumor resection, not a biopsy.
5-cc size is conveniently packaged in shelf packs of four individually sterile mixing cups to eliminate waste in the operating room when filling around bone grafts or burr hole areas.
We particularly loved the section on how to do a burr hole, complete with diagrams (a worthwhile technique to practice on your teenage children).