burrowing owl

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bur·row·ing owl

(bûr′ō-ĭng, bŭr′-)
A small, long-legged owl (Athene cunicularia) of American grasslands that nests in burrows dug by animals such as prairie dogs or rabbits.
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The Work Involved With This Project Will Include: Construction Survey And Controls, Clearing And Grubbing, Earthwork Embankment / Excavation, Grading, Limerock Base, Paving, Milling, Pavement Striping, Guardrail, Chain Link Fence (BOTH Temporary And Final Fence Location), Concrete Curbing, Swales / Drainage Cross Drains, Burrow Owl Protection, Erosion Control Best Management Practices (BMPS), And Sodding
Luke Wilson stars in this tale of a young boy - played by teen star Logan Lerman - moving from Montana to Florida and becoming embroiled in the fight to save burrow owls from being killed off by property developers.