n.1.One who searches for ores; a prospector.
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In turn, this should disincentivize buscones from similarly hoarding talent because profit will be less related to quantity and more to the quality of players that a buscon offers to a team.
The award, presented at the Glaval Dealer Meeting at BusCon in Indianapolis, was for 2013.
35) Ver Buscon 161: "aquellos fraile de leche como capones"; Quinones de Benavente, Jocoseria, Turrada, vv.
The slippage from essentialized female roles to cross-gendered categories occurs often in the picaresque, as we can see in Quevedo's Buscon, in the jail episode where Quevedo's picaro Pablos comes into contact with several sodomites (204).
by the respective body builders at BusCon in Chicago in September.
Four of the Balance(TM) Hybrid shuttle bus chassis' which were delivered last quarter were completed into shuttle buses and displayed by the respective body builders at BusCon in Chicago in September.
Friedman ends his discussion of the picaresque with the Buscon in order to argue that "the ideological play of the early picaresque narratives and of Don Quijote is clearly present in the Buscon, where artistry and message systems function dialectically" (73).
Enova will provide the hybrid systems for the new buses, which were introduced at the BusCon conference held in Chicago last week.
One of the mothers is deceived by a buscon (finder) who works in child trafficking; the second is told that her daughter is a domestic slave.
It had been a long time since I read Tristam Shandy or taught El buscon or Guzman de Alfarache or Cervantes himself, and yet if you look at The Nanny and Iceberg, it constructs itself as the story of a picaro, Gabriel, who thinks he knows more than anybody else in that world.