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Noun1.George W. Bush - 43rd President of the United StatesGeorge W. Bush - 43rd President of the United States; son of George Herbert Walker Bush (born in 1946)
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Instead of abandoning the Kurds once the conflict was over, Bush Junior helped establish a Kurdish safe zone in the north of Iraq, which has remained to the present, despite the recent loss of Kirkuk as a consequence of divisions within the Kurdish leadership.
I could find no mention if he wrote a follow-up hit for the actions of Bush junior in invading Iraq later on.
The presidencies of President Nixon, Reagan, Bush Senior and Bush Junior have demonstrated a better U.
In the past few decades America has had every type of president, from the not-so-bright Bush junior to its first black leader.
Former US President George Bush junior visited the Kingdom in 2001 when Josأ[c] Mar?
When Bush junior was asked recently if he thought his brother's policy in Iraq had been the right one he muffed his answer.
In the horrible aftermath of 9/11 George Bush junior felt he had to do something and did the wrong thing.
A mi-mandat, le president democrate Barack Obama revele au grand public les pires atrocites de la [beaucoup moins que] mondialisation de la torture [beaucoup plus grand que] de l'ere Bush junior.
Obama is a more warmongering President than even George Bush Junior.
Of course, the physical usage of the items exists, as demonstrated by the Iraqi journalist with the former President George Bush junior.
We are seeing him today on television screens, wearing the face of George Bush Junior, Bill Clinton and George Bush Senior, as he leads a new adventure on the arenas of the Middle East.
Thanks to advocacy work of the churches and friends in the US, the cause of the people of South Sudan received the highest attention in US foreign policy, particularly during the tenure of President George Bush junior.