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Noun1.George W. Bush - 43rd President of the United StatesGeorge W. Bush - 43rd President of the United States; son of George Herbert Walker Bush (born in 1946)
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When Bush junior was asked recently if he thought his brother's policy in Iraq had been the right one he muffed his answer.
But Bush Junior, "advised" by Cheney and Rumsfeld, ignored both advice and reality.
In the horrible aftermath of 9/11 George Bush junior felt he had to do something and did the wrong thing.
A mi-mandat, le president democrate Barack Obama revele au grand public les pires atrocites de la [beaucoup moins que] mondialisation de la torture [beaucoup plus grand que] de l'ere Bush junior.
Obama is a more warmongering President than even George Bush Junior.
It was George Bush Junior at the helm of power and the attack prompted him to declare a "crusades' war against the terrorists.
Of course, the physical usage of the items exists, as demonstrated by the Iraqi journalist with the former President George Bush junior.
We are seeing him today on television screens, wearing the face of George Bush Junior, Bill Clinton and George Bush Senior, as he leads a new adventure on the arenas of the Middle East.
But if Bush junior were to be marked by the teacher for his actions in the wake of the terror attacks and for the remaining six years of his presidency, how would he fare?
Thanks to advocacy work of the churches and friends in the US, the cause of the people of South Sudan received the highest attention in US foreign policy, particularly during the tenure of President George Bush junior.
Certainly after watching a dozen times or more, Mr Bush junior fervently trying to convince an unbelieving world that Armaggedon is located in the vicinity of Bahgdad, I can come to no other conclusion that it must be a core American value.
Selon lui, l'ex-president americain Bush Junior et l'actuel chef de la Maison Blanche, M.