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1. A foot and leg covering reaching halfway to the knee, resembling a laced half boot.
a. A thick-soled laced half boot worn by actors of Greek and Roman tragedies.
b. Tragedy, especially that which resembles a Greek tragedy.

[Perhaps alteration (influenced by buckskin) of obsolete French broisequin, small leather boot.]


1. (Clothing & Fashion) (formerly) a sandal-like covering for the foot and leg, reaching the calf and usually laced
2. (Clothing & Fashion) Also called: cothurnus a thick-soled laced half boot resembling this, worn esp by actors of ancient Greece
3. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) the buskin chiefly literary tragic drama
[C16: perhaps from Spanish borzeguí; related to Old French bouzequin, Italian borzacchino, of obscure origin]


(ˈbʌs kɪn)

1. a thick-soled, laced boot or half boot.
2. Also called cothurnus. the high, thick-soled shoe worn by ancient Greek and Roman tragedians.
3. tragic drama; tragedy. Compare sock 1 (def. 3).
[1495–1505; probably alter. of Middle French bro(u)sequin]
bus′kined, adj.
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Noun1.buskin - a boot reaching halfway up to the kneebuskin - a boot reaching halfway up to the knee
boot - footwear that covers the whole foot and lower leg
References in classic literature ?
The yeomen expressed their wonted acquiescence in their leader's opinion; and Isaac, relieved of one half of his apprehensions, by learning that his daughter lived, and might possibly be ransomed, threw himself at the feet of the generous Outlaw, and, rubbing his beard against his buskins, sought to kiss the hem of his green cassock.
Many were the compliments and expressions of politeness that passed between Don Quixote and Don Fernando; but they were brought to an end by a traveller who at this moment entered the inn, and who seemed from his attire to be a Christian lately come from the country of the Moors, for he was dressed in a short-skirted coat of blue cloth with half-sleeves and without a collar; his breeches were also of blue cloth, and his cap of the same colour, and he wore yellow buskins and had a Moorish cutlass slung from a baldric across his breast.
I had a short jacket of goat's skin, the skirts coming down to about the middle of the thighs, and a pair of open-kneed breeches of the same; the breeches were made of the skin of an old he-goat, whose hair hung down such a length on either side that, like pantaloons, it reached to the middle of my legs; stockings and shoes I had none, but had made me a pair of somethings, I scarce knew what to call them, like buskins, to flap over my legs, and lace on either side like spatterdashes, but of a most barbarous shape, as indeed were all the rest of my clothes.
But in that bitter tirade upon Chantilly, which appeared in yesterday's'Musée,' the satirist, making some disgraceful allusions to the cobbler s change of name upon assuming the buskin, quoted a Latin line about which we have often conversed.
OWNER Phil Morgan spent most of the evening in the racecourse medical room following a fall, but he was in the best of spirits when welcoming in the reason for his visit, Shammy Buskins, who outstayed 8-13 favourite Saved By John in the 3m novice hurdle.
Kisha King and amateur John Mathias, successful in a handicap hurdle at Fontwell on Sunday, made a successful reappearance in a handicap chase, scoring by four lengths from Moon Melody, with hot favourite Shammy Buskins third.
Shammy Buskins galloped his rivals into submission under Christian Williams in the long-distance handicap chase.
Star performance Tisfreetdream, who suffers from back problems but gained his second win over fences in the novice chase Ride of the day Christian Williams, who was 12 lengths behind two out on Shammy Buskins, but got him up on the run-in to win the 3m2f handicap chase Who looked a promising sort in the making when taking the concluding bumper?
20) at Plumpton saw an upset as 4-7 favourite Shammy Buskins trailed in last of the three finishers behind 5-2 winner Kisha King.
Estates Recovery landed the 3m4f handicap chase but it was an unhappy race for Andrew Thornton, who was found guilty of marking third-placed Sammy Buskins with his whip and was stood down for five days (June 11 and June 13-16).
Lawney Hill was also quick to share out the credit after Shammy Buskins gave her the 23rd winner of her most successful season as a trainer in the opening handicap chase.
Dusty Dane's trainer Bill Turner had been telling owner Eric Brook all week that the eight-year-old had a great chance in the 3m4f handicap chase and was rewarded with a length-anda-quarter success over Shammy Buskins.