(bo͞o-zō′nē, byo͞o-), Ferruccio Benvenuto 1866-1924.
Italian pianist, conductor, and composer known for his flamboyant style. His works include operas, concertos for piano and violin, and orchestral pieces.


(byuˈsoʊ ni, -ˈzɔ-)

Ferruccio (Benvenuto), 1866–1924, Italian composer and pianist.
References in classic literature ?
Monte Cristo examined him with the same look that, at Rome, he had bent upon the execution of Andrea, and then, in a tone that made a shudder pass through the veins of the poor steward, -- "The Abbe Busoni, then told me an untruth," said he, "when, after his journey in France, in 1829, he sent you to me, with a letter of recommendation, in which he enumerated all your valuable qualities.
But, your excellency," replied Bertuccio hesitatingly, "did not the Abbe Busoni, who heard my confession in the prison at Nimes, tell you that I had a heavy burden upon my conscience?
I have related it but once, and that was to the Abbe Busoni.
No, monsieur, I swear to you, by my hopes of salvation, I will tell you all, for the Abbe Busoni himself only knew a part of my secret; but, I pray you, go away from that plane-tree.
Larry Sitsky, Busoni and the Piano (New York: Greenwood Press, 1986), 177.
He has recorded the works of the great nineteenth-and early-twentieth-century virtuoso composers Godowsky, Rachmaninoff, Alkan, Busoni, Medtner, Feinberg, Scriabin, and Sorabji, collectively referred to as "The Eight" by Robert Rimm (Robert Rimm, The Composer--Pianists: Hamelin and The Eight [Portland, OR: Amadeus, 2002]), and he has delighted audiences over the past several decades with inclusions of his own compositions within his concert programs, highlighting and sharing the excitement of this musical tradition that has been marginal or nonexistent since World War II.
Italian actor Marco Alemanno took the spoken role of Arlecchino in the Busoni and had a fine team with which to work, too.
For those wanting to know more about Hamelin, Hyperion have released a Canadian-made DVD of the pianist, entitled It's All About the Music - part documentary, part recital, with music by Liszt, Godowsky, Alkan and Busoni, and even a little jazz.
Among the pianists Gershwin admired were the flamboyant Franz Liszt and the heroes of the day such as Josef Lhevinne, Josef Hoffmann and Ferrucio Busoni.
The ten chapters dedicated to Weill's works are in by a chapter on biographical aspects and by a chapter on Weill's connections to Ferruccio Busoni.
The 2nd Symphony from 1933 is recognisable as the Weill we know from Threepenny Opera, but the firstsymphony from 12 years before before shows the influence of his teacher Busoni, and has the arid quality of German music of the 1920s.
Strauss, Ravel, Glass, Prokofiev, Lehar, Floyd, and Busoni -- and world premiere commissions from Tobias Picker and Tan Dun are in progress.