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Two loans were approved for Butcherblock Properties, LLC for its property located at 1025 East Main Street in the Butchertown neighborhood.
Hugh Holman not only cites those that Warren admits to in the foreword but also points out that (1) Letitia (Lilburne's wife) did not leave Lilburne on the night of the murder but remained at the house until after Isham's indictment as accessory to murder; (2) George was murdered and dismembered not in the meathouse on a butcherblock, but in the kitchen cabin on the floor; (3) Lilburne did not trick Isham into shooting him, but killed himself, probably accidentally.
The corner counter space behind the sink was put to good use with this customized butcherblock top, The knife storage area is enclosed below the countertop to prevent accidents.