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or bu·toh  (bo͞o′tō)
A dance form developed in postwar Japan which rejects Eastern and Western dance conventions, expressing intense emotions through slow, controlled, and sometimes distorted movements.

[Japanese butō, short for (ankoku) butō, dance (of darkness) : bu, dance (from Middle Chinese ʋuə̆´) + , to step on, stamp, tread (from Middle Chinese dap), probably also influenced by , to stamp on, tread (from Middle Chinese *tɦaw).]
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I intend this form to flow without sequential logic, but rather to perform a series of responses to the many wanderings and wonderings through this butoh experience.
3 Tatton Park, Cheshire, on Saturday will see a spellbinding solo performance in its Japanese garden by Butoh artist Kayo Mikamion from dance company Torifune Butoh-Sha.
The Botanical Garden will present Kiku Matsuri, a range of multi- disciplinary programming, including lectures; performing arts such as taiko drumming, musical performances with koto and shakuhachi, and Butoh dance; workshops and demonstrations in ikebana, origami, kiku cultivation, bonsai, Japanese garden plants for home gardens, saori hand weaving, and chrysanthemums in Japanese food and wine; a new audio walking tour; Kiku for Kids; guided tours; and more.
Koto zither music tinkled softly, and traditional Butoh dancers, painted entirely white, were silhouetted against the darkening sky.
The concept of the beautiful woman, now decrepit, played by legendary butoh dancer, Akira Kasai, is the same, but the setting is again placed in a modern context.
Yuko is a performance artist and a butoh dancer; I showed her photos of teenage goths I'd seen recently in Japan who--particularly in the eyes of someone like myself, who grew up surrounded by goth culture in '80s Britain--had a very unusual and contemporary interpretation of the look.
Earlier this year she took part in an intensive butoh (Japanese dance) course in Germany, she creates a theatre that incorporates dance and performance and makes strong use of light and music.
Collaborating with N'Da Kulture on two of its three pieces will be Butoh dance artist Oguri and contemporary choreographer, dancer and CalArts alumna Qi Zhang.
Hinomoto is a rare chance to see the hauntingly beautiful style of Ankoku Butoh - the dance of darkness.
21 /PRNewswire/ -- Always breaking new ground and constantly blurring the lines between musical genres, Kitaro's new release, Spiritual Garden, is inspired by the Harupin-Ha Butoh Dance of Koichi Tamano.
Linyekula's vocabulary is polyglot, drawing from ballet, break dance, butoh, and African folk and pop dances.
In his work with the students, Davis drew on elements of butoh, a Japanese dance form that emphasizes form, shape and expression, with slow, sustained movements.