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A synthetic opioid drug, C21H29NO2, given by injection or nasal spray in its tartrate form to treat pain and to supplement anesthesia.

[but(yl) + (m)orph(in)an, structural basis of a group of opioids; see dextromethorphan + -ol.]
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5 mg/kg PO q24h x 10 d) and butorphanol (1 mg/kg IM q6h x 2 d) were used for pain management.
2009), sedation scores obtained by the same NDS used in this study were greater in dogs that received ACP in combination with methadone and morphine ([mu] agonists) compared with butorphanol (kappa agonist) and tramadol (agonist with low affinity for [mu] receptors).
Two weeks after cytologic analysis, the toucan was premedicated with butorphanol (0.
Wajima et al in 1995 (28) in a randomized double blind study compared two groups of patients getting intravenous infusion and brachial plexus infusion of butorphanol for postoperative analgesia.
Because it showed little improvement, a fenestrated air sac cannula was placed in the left caudal air sac after administration of butorphanol (1 mg/kg IM once) and general anesthesia (isoflurane administered by mask in oxygen).
Supraclavicular plexus block: Effect of adding tramadol or butorphanol as an adjuncts to local anaesthetic on motor and sensory block and duration of post-operative analgesia.
Treatment included cleaning the site with a dilute 2% chlorhexidine solution (Nolvasan, Fort Dodge Animal Health, Fort Dodge, 1A, USA) and administration of butorphanol tartrate (Torbugesic, 2 mg/kg IM, Fort Dodge Animal Health) for analgesia.
10) Butorphanol exhibits partial agonist and antagonist activity at the p opioid receptor, as well as competitive antagonist activity and partial agonist activity at the k opioid receptor.