butter tart

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butter tart

(Cookery) Canadian a kind of tart made with butter, brown sugar, and raisins

but′ter tart`

or but′ter•tart`,

Canadian. a tart with a filling of butter, eggs, brown sugar, maple syrup, and raisins.
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No pizza delivery, no bars and clubs - but we do have frozen lakes, dense forest, wild turkeys and a 91-year-old baker in the village who still makes the best butter tarts ever.
The facility is a busy workplace and a typical day leading up to the holidays can mean baking 1,700 butter tarts, 160 sugar pies and 7,200 bars that end up in 400 packages.
Serve with mince pies, Christmas pudding or home-made rum butter tarts (see picture) above
And an article about butter tarts in the August 2004 Toronto Life magazine had this to say:
I was greeted by aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg from still-warm oat-cakes, cookies and rich butter tarts on a tray near the coffee urn.