Button hook

a hook for catching a button and drawing it through a buttonhole, as in buttoning boots and gloves.

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Items include a pea shelling tool and a fluting tool, a box camera, a carpet beater, a button hook, a darning ball and more.
But buying every pepper mill, napkin ring, bowl, ladle, spice box, lemon squeezer, back scratcher, watch stand, shortbread mould, butter pat, nutmeg grater, apple corer, cheese scoop, button hook and shoehorn that comes your way will result in a collection with no common thread.
With a rounded toe, lightly padded footbed, and button hook closure, these casual boots are great for everyday use.
Good Grips $6-$8 Pulls a button Soft rubber Button Hook easily through the easy-grip handle.
Two receivers stack to the right and Michael Pittman runs a little button hook up through the middle.
For example, with a reacher, button hook, or zipper pull, your child may be able to get dressed with less assistance.
Other than horsing around in the Mess, the average Horse Artillery officer wouldn't know a spavin from a hangover, or a hoof pick from a button hook.
This conceit of competence has been shared by buggy whip manufacturers, button hook makers, cartographers specializing in flat-earth descriptions and makers office boxes.
The women would squat and with the help of a mirror insert in the cervix a catheter, speculum, sound, pencil, bougie, needle, crochet or button hook.
In the case of something as simple as a button hook, for example, a $4 variety will probably work just as well as one that costs $10.
Other items in the basket include a box camera, a carpet beater, a button hook, a darning ball and more.
The ingenuity of skilled cutlers meant there was tremendous scope for variation and as a demonstration of the cutlers' skills, penknives grew ever more complex, including as well as corkscrews and button hooks, such tools as leather punches, nail files, scissors, magnifying glasses, toothpicks, cigar cutters and so on.