Button hook

a hook for catching a button and drawing it through a buttonhole, as in buttoning boots and gloves.

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Bedroom: button hook, dressing stick, sock aid, long-handled shoe horn, long-handled reacher
With a rounded toe, lightly padded footbed, and button hook closure, these casual boots are great for everyday use.
Two receivers stack to the right and Michael Pittman runs a little button hook up through the middle.
For example, with a reacher, button hook, or zipper pull, your child may be able to get dressed with less assistance.
Other than horsing around in the Mess, the average Horse Artillery officer wouldn't know a spavin from a hangover, or a hoof pick from a button hook.
The women would squat and with the help of a mirror insert in the cervix a catheter, speculum, sound, pencil, bougie, needle, crochet or button hook.
Some of the performances include Heart and Soul, Mike Rogers Band, Johnny Robinson, Button Hook, Ken Rhyme and U-Turn.
Button Hook and Zipper Pull -- Long wire loop allows one-handed buttoning and short hook pulls zipper tabs; both are attached to a 6- inch-long easy grip handle.
The ingenuity of skilled cutlers meant there was tremendous scope for variation and as a demonstration of the cutlers' skills, penknives grew ever more complex, including as well as corkscrews and button hooks, such tools as leather punches, nail files, scissors, magnifying glasses, toothpicks, cigar cutters and so on.
The number of artefacts in the Beamish collections runs into millions, from the very large - steam locomotives and trams - to the very small - button hooks, thimbles and hat pins.
One I came across this week, which we will be selling shortly, is a collection of about 120 button hooks.
Few people other than riders wear gloves now, so the small glove powderers in widespread use during the Victorian period are of interest, as are glove stretchers or tiny button hooks, made specifically for use on gloves.