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n.1.(Bot.) The name of several plants of the genera Spermacoce and Diodia, of the Madder family.
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Some popular non-grass options are chamomile, buttonweed, pennyroyal, micrantha.
Field evaluation of postemergence herbicides for Virginia buttonweed control in turf.
I pictured where he had probably tied her up and done it, out behind the barn where the smartweed and buttonweed took over in high summertime, where on hot afternoons you could count on a large angular shape of cool shade, where I had once come across my father jerking off, facing the old cement silo, his back partly turned.
Rubiaceae) shrubby false buttonweed is a perennial dicot native to the West Indies, but introduced into Florida and Texas as well as west tropical Africa, the tropical Americas and the south Pacific.
This lack of rainfall may have lead to poor seed production of warm-season annuals such as Croton and rough buttonweed (Diodia teres), resulting in low numbers in spring 2001.
He stormed into the house holding a handful of buttonweeds, grabbed the vase, shoved the weeds into it, and placed it on the fireplace mantle.