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I would be remiss if I did not point out the role of the NDTA Board of Directors in supporting the initiatives Buz and the NDTA staff have implemented.
The company has a unique joint venture relationship with Running Press, the imprint of The Perseus Books Group originally co-founded by Buz Teacher in 1972.
After being elected mayor, I sold two of the 17 apartments, which are in the Buz Residence, and gave the rest to my wife, Gamze ylgezdi, and my daughter.
Kutunun icindeki isi buz akuleri ile devam ettirilir.
Buz zing is one part of the rather complex system which bees use to communicate with one another.
Still buz zing from his Best Male award, James was so excited he couldn't stop swear ing at the Hammersmith Apollo on Wednesday night.
To develop the new theme, Buz Sawyer, managing director of W+K in New York City, led a full team of account people, strategic planners, and creative staff They developed a new identity video, print ads, billboards, and TV spots to debut in March during MS Awareness Week.
Un traje de Buz Lightyear es idoneo para AMLO, no por otra cosa, sino porque brinda excelente proteccion en caso de encontrarse cerca de un congreso de perredistas del DF.
He replaces Buz Spaulding, who has been promoted to supply chain director for UPI.
Bumbling gardener Mr Growbag, US game-show host Buz Lighthouse and crazy cook Pierre the Chef provided Redcar pupils with a wacky way of learning science.
It's not often a Presbyterian becomes royalty, buz that's what will happen May 14, 2004, when Mary Donaldson, a lawyer from Australia, marries Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, in a ceremony at the cathedral in Copenhagen.
This program fully engages retailers with Miller's unique approach to racing promotions," said Buz Cady, brand manager promotions.